Secured access
to the wallet

The safety and security of our users’ assets is our top priority. We apply and use only the most reliable solutions to ensure security of your digital assets.

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Private key

After completing the in-app registration process, you will receive an automatically generated string of 12 words. This string of words is the private key that grants full access to your wallet. The string of 12 words is unique to your account and is only stored on your device, in encrypted form.

IMPORTANT: Savl has no way to access users’ private keys. Private keys are only stored on the user’s device in encrypted form. If you lose access to your Savl account, the 12-word string, or private key, generated during registration will be needed to recover your account. Keep your private key in a safe place and do not share it with anyone. Savl staff will never ask for your private key.

Account recovery

If you changed your device, reinstalled the Savl app, or if you already have a wallet, select the I already have a wallet option when launching the Savl app.

Getting your combination right

Savl will ask you to enter the 12-word private key generated during registration. Make sure you spell the words correctly and enter them in the correct order. After typing in your private key, click on the Next button.

After confirming your private key, set a new, six-digit PIN to quickly access the app. That’s it, welcome to Savl!