End-to-end encrypted messenger

At Savl, convenience and privacy are the guiding principles of our work and form the foundation of our messenger.

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Secure communication

Messages sent via Savl’s messenger are protected by end-to-end encryption. Only chat participants can access your chat history, ensuring the confidentiality and security of your communications. To start using the Savl messenger, tap on the Community tab in the bottom left-hand corner of the app screen.


Stay in touch

Add your mobile phone number by tapping on Add phone number. A menu will open where you can select your country code and enter your phone number. Once finished, tap on the Enter number button.


Confirm your phone number

After entering your phone number, the Confirmation window will open. You should receive an SMS with a code. Enter this code in the text box in the center of your screen, directly below “Enter code”.

IMPORTANT: Do not share the SMS verification code with anyone. Savl staff will never ask you for the verification code. If you receive a verification code that you did not request, contact Savl’s support team.

Once your number is confirmed, you should receive a notification of successful account verification. Tap 'OK'.


Invite friends

Open the Contacts menu to start chatting with members of the Savl community. Users who have already installed the app and validated their phone number will be displayed in the In Savl group. Contacts who do not yet have Savl will be shown in the Other Contacts group. You can always invite your contacts to Savl by tapping on the Invite button to the right of the contact’s name and phone number.


Encrypted chats

To start chatting, select one of your contacts from the In Savl group. This will automatically establish a secure, encrypted connection. Now you can communicate without worrying about privacy as your messages are protected by end-to-end encryption. Go ahead and discuss business or have an informal conversation!

When making transactions, you can choose from one of two available wallets — Market (the custodial) or Private (the non-custodial). Market wallet transactions are performed within the Savl ecosystem, take place instantly, and are absolutely free of charge as there is no fee for transfers within the Market wallet. Private wallet transactions use public blockchains, which may assess their own, small network fee (Savl does not charge fees for Private wallet transactions). Unlike Market wallet transactions, which are instant, Private wallet transactions may take a little longer to complete. While 99% of Private wallet transactions are completed within 30 min., in some rare instances, network issues with the public blockchain might cause delays, resulting in transaction times of 24 hours or more.

Transfer crypto to your friends

You can transfer crypto to any of your contacts by navigating to the Send section on the home screen of the Savl app. In the dropdown box under From, select the wallet (Market or Private) on the left side of the screen and the desired cryptocurrency on the right side of the screen. Send crypto by entering the beneficiary’s contact information, selecting a Savl user from your In Savl contact list, or by making a free, instant transfer from the Market wallet.

IMPORTANT: Public blockchains (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum) will charge a network fee for transfers from the Private wallet. Take note of the transaction priority — higher priority transactions are performed more quickly, albeit for a higher fee.