USD 16,955.53
24hUSD -90.83-0.54
Circulating supply
19,221,843.00 BTC
Max supply
21,000,000.00 BTC
Total supply


1 BTC = $16,955.53
Fiat currencies
1 $ = $1.00
Fiat currencies

Buying Bitcoin The Easy Way

Bitcoin (BTC) is the most popular cryptocurrency worldwide. It has created significant wealth for many - and as with anything of value, it must be secured and stored safely.

Crypto doesn’t have to be cryptic and Savl’s multi-currency wallet makes buying Bitcoin simple, safe, and secure.

Buying Bitcoin With Savl

  • Debit Card, Credit Card, or Apple Pay: Convenient, simple, fast & secure - third-party transaction fees apply
  • Savl P2P Market: Buy or exchange crytocurrencies with other Savl users completely fee-free

Why Savl?

Savl fuses convenience, secure storage, a multi-currency crypto wallet, and a social trading network together in one seamless application.

Built-in messenger with end-to-end encryption enables in-chat transactions and the ability to pay for goods and services directly from your Savl wallet.

Our industry-leading security, cutting-edge software technology, and innovative user interface are designed to make buying, selling, or exchanging Bitcoin safe and simple.

So Much More Than Just A Wallet

Savl is more than a wallet. With support for 250+ cryptocurrencies, full social integration, and user-generated market ads, Savl unleashes a world of possibilities:

  • Store, receive & send assets to any wallet, platform, or service
  • Purchase with a debit card, credit card, or Apple Pay
  • Exchange assets in-chat with encrypted messenger
  • Use Market Ads to exchange assets fee-free
  • Make P2P & OTC Trades in Savl Market
  • Pay for select goods & services

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Crypto Doesn’t Have To Be Cryptic


The Savl app is secure, simple to use, and has an extremely user-friendly interface to guide you at every step. No matter your level of experience, the Savl app is designed with everyone in mind.


Works on Android & iOS

The Savl app is available for download now on both the Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store) platforms. Sign-up is secure and simple.


Safe & Secure

During registration, a recovery phrase will be generated as a string of 12 - 24 random words (SEED). These words are unique to your account and act as your private key granting you full access to your Savl wallet should you lose access. You must keep these words safe, without them your account cannot be accessed.


Two Wallets - More Options

Each Savl user owns both a Market (custodial) wallet and a private (non-custodial) wallet. Market wallet transactions happen within the Savl ecosystem, involve no middlemen, are instantaneous, and are free. Private wallet transactions use public blockchains, network and transaction fees may apply and can take longer to complete.


Savl users can easily and securely exchange Bitcoins in a messenger chat session with instant OTC Trades. 

Negotiate, discuss terms, and trade. Your privacy is assured and only the participants can see chat content. 


Secure, end-to-end encrypted access to your wallet anytime

Technical support

We’re here to offer our help and support 24/7

Quick P2P & OTC Trades

Exchange your digital assets with ease and speed

Referral program

You could earn up to 30% commission!
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