With fully-integrated social functionality, Savl turns the world into a global crypto village that sets it apart from the rest.

With encrypted messaging, in-chat trading, user-generated market ads, a generous referral program, and the ability to invite friends and grow your crypto network, Savl is so much more than just a wallet.

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About Messenger

  1. Secure Communication
  2. All messages are fully protected by end-to-end encryption and can only be decrypted locally on your device. To ensure your privacy and security, only chat participants can access chat details and history.

  3. Stay In Touch
  4. You can add your mobile phone number by tapping Add phone +. Please select your country code prefix, enter your phone number, and tap the green Confirm phone number button.

  5. Confirm Your Phone Number
  6. Following confirmation, you will receive a code via SMS on your device. Please enter this code and tap Enter code to complete phone number verification - you should receive a notification if successful.


    IMPORTANT: Do not share your SMS verification code with anyone. Please contact us immediately if you receive a verification code that you didn’t request.

  7. Invite Friends
  8. Following phone number confirmation, you can start chatting with other verified members of the community or invite contacts from your own address book.

  9. Encrypted chats
  10. Encrypted chats can only happen between two verified Savl users. To start a chat, select a contact from the Chats tab within the Messenger section of the app to initiate a secure, end-to-end encrypted connection. Chat business or otherwise with total peace of mind.

Transfer Crypto To Your Friends

Transferring crypto to your contacts and friends has never been easier. From the home screen of the app, tap the Send button, select By wallet address or contact and then choose between Private or Market wallets, select the cryptocurrency, enter the beneficiaries address, and follow the prompts to complete the transfer.

IMPORTANT: Private wallet transactions over public blockchains (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum) will result in a network fee. Higher transaction priority will command a larger fee