Your Secure Wallet Awaits…

The safety and security of your digital assets are our top priority. Our wallet uses the latest and most reliable encryption technology available to deliver industry-leading security.

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Security Delivered

  1. Your Seed Phrase
  2. During in-app registration, your recovery phrase will be generated as a string of 12, 15, 18, 21, or 24 random words (SEED). These words are unique to your account and act as your private key granting you full access to your Savl wallet should you lose access. You must keep these words safe, without them your account cannot be accessed.

    IMPORTANT: Savl has no way to access your private key - it’s encrypted and stored on your device. You should keep a copy in a safe place as this will be the only way to access your account should you lose access. Do not share these words with anyone. Savl support will never ask you for your private key. 

  3. Account Recovery
  4. If you have changed or lost your device, reinstalled the app, or already have a wallet, please select the I already have a wallet option when launching the app.

  5. The Right Combination
  6. You will be asked to enter your recovery phrase (private key). You will need to ensure that the words are correctly spelled and entered in the correct order. Once you have done this, tap the Next button.


    After confirming your private key, set a new, six-digit PIN to quickly access the app. That’s it, welcome to Savl!

When making transactions, you can choose from one of two available wallets: Market (custodial) or Private (non-custodial).


• Market wallet transactions are performed within the Savl ecosystem, are instantaneous, and free of charge.

• Private wallet transactions use public blockchains, where network and transaction fees may apply (Savl does not charge fees for Private wallet transactions). Private wallet transactions may take longer to complete*.


*While 99% of Private wallet transactions resolve within 30 min., public blockchain network issues might cause delays of up to 24 hours or more.