To help you navigate the Savl app, we have collected a few answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

01. What are Private and Market wallets? What are they for and what is the difference between them?
Signing up for Savl grants you access to two separate wallets: Market and Private. You can switch between them at any time by tapping on the home screen of the Savl app.

The Private wallet is used for transactions involving external blockchains outside of the Savl ecosystem. The Private wallet can be used for in-app transactions; however, a fee that corresponds to the selected blockchain (e.g. Bitcoin) is assessed on the transaction. Take note of transaction priority when using your Private wallet—the higher the transaction priority, the faster the payment speed and the higher the transaction fee. Use the Private wallet to transfer to an address, a QR code, or another Savl user.

Private wallet

• Non-custodial wallet for transfers outside the Savl ecosystem

• Operations take some time

• Network fee is charged (the higher the priority, the higher the commission)

• Can be replenished from external wallets

• Can be used to buy goods and services for cryptocurrency, send digital assets outside the Savl ecosystem and interact with the Market wallet

The Market wallet for use within the Savl ecosystem. There are no fees for Market wallet transactions and all transfers are instant. The Market wallet can be topped up via the Savl market, the Private wallet, or by a wire transfer from any other Savl user. You can use funds from this wallet for any operation within the Savl ecosystem.

Market wallet

• Dedicated wallet of the Savl ecosystem

• Any operations are carried out instantly

• No fee for transfers within the system

• Can be topped up via the Savl Market, the Private wallet or or by receiving cryptocurrency transfer from another Savl user

• Can be used for all types of operations within the Savl ecosystem

Your Savl wallet can only be accessed from your device by using a 12-word secret code generated at registration. It is important to remember these words and safeguard this code in case of an emergency. The Savl team does not have access to your code and cannot help you to recover access to your funds if you forget your secret code.
02. How can I top up Market or Private wallet in the Savl app?
The balance in the Savl application is displayed in USD, EUR and other fiat currencies, this is done for your convenience, as it is rather difficult to navigate the cost of currencies and cryptocurrencies in relation to each other. Please note: in fact, it is the cryptocurrency that is on your balance, not fiat.

You can top up your Market or Private wallets with cryptocurrency only such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), and so on.

There are three main ways to top up your Market wallet:

1) You can top up your Market wallet directly from any external source that supports desired currency.

How to do it:
 press the "Top up" button on the app main screen. Select the currency you want to receive from the list. Scan the QR code and send crypto by address.

2) Transaction within the Market wallet from another Savl user. In order to do this, it is necessary that your phone number or e-mail to be recorded in the sender's address book, although any transaction within the Market Wallet is instant and completely fee-free. You can replenish the Market wallet using a direct transfer of any cryptocurrency supported by the Savl app.

3) You can top up your Market wallet by purchasing cryptocurrency in the Market section. For more information, see the section "How can I buy crypto?" below.

There are two ways to top up your Private Wallet:

1) You can replenish your Private wallet by transferring any cryptocurrency supported by the Savl app by the wallet address or QR code. In order to do this you need:

• On the main screen of the application, tap on the "Receive" button. By default, the BTC wallet opens. If you want to receive a transaction in another cryptocurrency, tap on the BTC icon and select required cryptocurrency from the list.

• To receive a transaction by the wallet address, you need to tap on Copy button next to the address, and then share this address with the sender.

• To receive a transaction by a QR code, you need to show your screen that displays a QR code with chosen cryptocurrency to the sender.

• The address of your wallet in both text and QR forms is universal for the chosen cryptocurrency and is suitable for any wallet, exchange or platform. The sender may send the required cryptocurrency and after a while you will see the funds on your balance.

2) You can replenish your Private Wallet by purchasing cryptocurrency from our partners in the "Services" section. For more information, see "How can I buy crypto directly with debit/credit card or using Apple Pay?" below.
03. How can I buy crypto?
1) Go to the Market tab or tap on the Buy / Sell button on the main screen to open the Buy subsection.

2) Select an ad of your choice and click on the large green Buy button on the right.

3) Carefully read the purchase terms and choose a payment method from among those specified in the ad (if more than one is listed).

4) Enter the amount you want to buy (for user convenience, this can be done both in cryptocurrency and fiat).

5) Tap on the Start trade button.

6) Follow any further in-app instructions.

please keep receipts, statements and other documents confirming your payment to the seller until the end of the trade!
04. How can I buy crypto with debit/credit card or Apple Pay?
1) Go to the Services tab.

2) Click on the Buy with debit/credit card.

3) Enter the amount you want to buy (for user convenience, this can be done both in cryptocurrency and fiat) and click Continue.

4) Follow any further in-app instructions.

5) After your order is paid, its status can be tracked via Orders menu. You can navigate there by clicking on the "clock" icon in the upper right-hand corner while you are on Buy with debit/credit card screen.

Importantfirst purchases may take some time due to additional checks on the Moonpay provider side.

05. How can I sell crypto / withdraw funds?
1) Go to the Market tab or tap on the Buy / Sell button on the main screen.

2) Tap on the Sell button at the top of the screen to go to the corresponding subsection.

3) Select an ad of your choice and tap on the large green Sell button.

4) Carefully read the seller’s terms and choose a payment method from among those specified in the ad (if more than one is listed).

5) Enter the amount you want to sell. That can be done both in cryptocurrency and fiat (USD, EUR).

6) Tap on the Start trade button.

7) Follow any further in-app instructions.
06. How can I create a buy or sell ad?
1) Go to the Market tab or tap on the Buy / Sell button on the main screen.

2) Tap on the Create + button in the upper right-hand corner.

3) In the Create ad menu, choose the currency or cryptocurrency that you would like to buy or sell.

4) Enter the desired amount of the selected currency or cryptocurrency.

5) Quick Ad. This switch can be disabled only when selling cryptocurrency for fiat currency, this will allow you to transfer cryptocurrency to the Escrow account only when you accept the Trade request. You will be given 2 hours before the Trade actualy starts.

6) Select an Ad category.

Ads in Savl can be categorized as either Dynamic or Fixed Ads.

Ads are automatically adjusted to the current exchange rate of the cryptocurrency of your choice with the fiat currency of your choice, thus your sale and purchase will always be made according to the current market rate.

When choosing a Fixed Ad, indicate the fiat currency and how much of that fiat currency (e.g. USD) you would like to receive per unit of cryptocurrency.

When choosing a Dynamic Ad, you can also set a margin, or percentage that will be added to the market rate of the cryptocurrency being bought or sold.

Tap Continue once you have selected all the necessary options.

7) Set limits for subsequent trades. You can limit minimum and maximum trade amounts for your ads.

8) You can also set your own time limits for each trade (90 minutes is the default limit) and adjust your ad’s working time (i.e. the times during which you conduct trades, by default, set to 12:00 A.M.–11:59 P.M., or 24 hours per day).

9) Choose to trade only with verified Savl users by sliding the toggle button.

Tap Continue after filling in all the mandatory fields.

10) Select a country. (This is important because available payment methods vary by country. In addition, it will be easier for potential buyers to find your ad)

11) Choose a payment method (Savl allows a maximum of seven different payment methods at any given time).

12) Specify the conditions and write the instructions for your ad. (This is important because potential buyers will not be aware of your trade conditions without these instructions.)

Tap on the Continue button once you are finished.

13) You can review your ad’s conditions on the confirmation screen. If you would like to change something, you can go back and make the necessary adjustments at any time.

Tap Confirm once all the conditions have been filled in correctly. Your ad will appear on the Buy or Sell list momentarily.
07. What is the difference between "Ad" and "Quick Ad" in Savl?
There are two types of Ads in Savl P2P Market:

1) Quick Ad is a type of Ad, one needs to have cryptocurrency on their Market wallet to place. When Trade is started, one can instantly place their cryptocurrency in a secure Escrow account and buy or sell the cryptocurrency.

Savl Quick Ads are active by default and are available for all cryptocurrencies supported by the Savl app.

2) Ad is a unique type of Ads. The main difference is one does not need to have cryptocurrency on their Market wallet to place such Ad. Crpyto will only need to be transferred to the Escrow only when the Trade starts. One can transfer crypto from any external wallet, exchange or service. This type of Ad gives more freedom to users who want their cryptocurrency to be constantly "in use".To place such an Ad, you need to deactivate "Quick Ad" by pressing on the "Quick Ad" switch. This switch can only be deactivated when selling cryptocurrency for fiat currency (e.g. USD, EUR, etc.). At the beginning of the Trade, Escrow window time is 2 hours.

If your cryptocurrency has not yet been credited to the Escrow account, and the buyer has canceled the Trade, the cryptocurrency will be automatically credited to your Market wallet.
08. What is Verification/KYC and what is it for in the Savl app
Verification, KYC or Know Your Customer is the process of collecting users' data for verification. The purpose of this procedure is to weed out unreliable users and minimize the likelihood of fraud, while securing you and your assets.

Savl follows global best practices and uses dedicated software to collect and securely store user data. The verification procedure is semi-automatic and takes about 5 minutes, and most importantly, it is completely safe.
09. What are the fees at Savl?
Savl has several types of operations for which fee is usually charged.

• Sending from a Private wallet - the fee charged is dynamic. It depends primarily on the cryptocurrency and uses a formula that takes into account the average mining time of the last blocks, the number of transactions in the last blocks, the network load and many other parameters.

Important: Savl charges only the network fee of corresponding blockchain for any transaction you send. Savl fee for such operation is 0%.

Important: any transaction within Market wallet from you to another Savl user is completely free and instant.

• Your ad trade (another Savl user makes a purchase, sale or exchange on the ad you posted) - 0.5% of the trade amount.

• Trade on someone else's ad (you buy, sell or exchange on ad posted by another Savl user) - 0.5% of the trade amount.
10. Reposts. What are they for and how to use them to earn?
Reposts are a special type of the Savl referral program. Any Savl user can share a link to an ad for purchasing or selling cryptocurrency and receive a reward for each successful trade, and the buyer won't pay any Savl's fee when trading with this link. You don't have to be a Savl user to read the terms of the reposted trade. When using a referral link, you will be directed to a special web page containing all the key details of the trade, such as the currency pair, exchange rate, information about the seller and your profit in the trade.

In order to make a repost, you need to go to Savl Market and find an ad with the 'Repost %' button. This label means that the seller who posted the ad is willing to share the commission from the trade with you, to make more trades. By clicking on the 'Repost %' button, you can get acquainted with the details of the repost procedure and all the conditions, then you can get your unique link-code and send it to your friends, acquaintances or just people who may be interested in purchasing or selling cryptocurrency. You receive a reward for each successful trade by such a link-code.

The buyer who trades by using such link won't pay any Savl's fee for this particular trade, and the one who shares this link will receive 0.25% of the trade amount after it is completed.

If you share link-code to your own ad with another Savl user and the trade is completed successfully, you will save the portion that this Savl user would have received if they had used the 'Repost' function.

to be able to share your ads, you need to activate the 'Enable reposts' option when creating an ad.
11. Savl Referral Program. What is it and how it works?
Savl Referral Program has a dedicated page. Learn more