Social-business network for digital asset owners

Savl unites people for easy digital asset operations and secured storage. Manage, build and engage with your crypto network with focus on P2P and OTC trading.

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Buy, exchange and sell crypto

Take complete control of your trades. Buy digital assets in one click through secured, peer-to-peer transactions with other users.

Securely access your wallet

Only you have access to your wallet. Savl protects every wallet with a unique private key, enabling you to regain access in an unexpected situation.

Send digital assets to your friends

Send crypto to other wallets with a single click. The built-in, secured messenger keeps your communications absolutely confidential.

Stay tuned

Information drives the market. Use the Savl app’s News section to stay informed and keep up to date with the latest trends.

Create your own forecasts and make informed decisions about buying and selling crypto.