Sub-Accounts Are Here!

Experience effortless crypto management


  • Create multiple accounts under a master address
  • Categorize your spending, savings & investments
  • Enjoy enhanced wallet management & security
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Crypto Management Like Never Before

  1. An Account For Any Purpose
  2. Separate your investing, savings, personal and business activities for optimal asset management and create custom labels for any purpose.

  3. Effortlessly Manage Your Assets
  4. Seamlessly create and customize multiple accounts under your master account through a highly intuitive user interface. Easily transfer between your master and sub-accounts.

  5. Multiple Blockchains Available
  6. Sub-accounts are available across Bitcoin, Arbitrum, Ethereum, Solana, Binance, XRP, Avalanche, Tron, Litecoin & Bitcoin Cash.

  7. Enhanced Security
  8. In addition to your master recovery phrase, each sub-account has it's own private key for an additional layer of security and peace-of-mind.