KYT Wallet Verification

Only Savl provides Know Your Transaction verification checks to help minimize risk:


  • Avoid risky transactions & individuals
  • Verify asset sources to determine risk
  • Safeguard against reputational damage 
  • Prevent wallet infection by bad actors
  • Make crypto safer for everyone
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DeFi Safety Delivered

  1. Peace-of-Mind
  2. Verify your transaction partner's wallet address before proceeding to ensure their assets are not from the proceeds of illegal or suspicious activities.

  3. Easy-to-Use
  4. Copy and paste any wallet address when sending or receiving assets for a full risk assessment and PDF report.

  5. Safety-First
  6. Avoid your wallet being 'infected' by questionable assets.

    Prevent entanglement and potential repercussions.

    Safeguard your reputation and transact more ethically.

    Help keep the ecosystem cleaner & safer for everyone.

  7. Benefits Everyone
  8. Running KYT checks will help make crypto safer and more reputable for everyone by flushing out bad actors.