A place to find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Savl.

1. Tap the Send button on the Savl app main screen.

2. Select the currency and amount.

3. Select one of methods:

- To the recipient's wallet address

- By QR code

- By Savl username

4. Adjust fee

5. Tap the 'Send' button.


How can I top up my wallets in the Savl app?

Your balance in the Savl app is displayed in USD, EUR, or another fiat currency of your choosing. The value displayed is based upon the underlying value of your cryptocurrency and not fiat.

You can top up your wallets with leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), etc.

1. Transfer any cryptocurrency supported by the Savl app by the wallet address or QR code, or;

2. Purchase cryptocurrency via the 'Services' tab to use your debit/credit card or Apple Pay.


1. Go to the ‘Services’ tab or tap the ‘Buy’ button on the home screen.

2. Tap on ‘Buy with debit/credit card’.

3. Select the asset class you wish to buy.

4. Enter the amount you would like to buy and tap ‘Continue’.

5. Follow any additional instructions from Savl or its trusted partners.

6. Completed transactions can be tracked via the Orders section within your shopping cart.


1. Open the corresponding currency on the 'Wallets' tab.

2. Tap on the big green 'Transaction History' button.

3. Tap on the transaction of interest.

4. Tap on the 'Transaction Hash' line with the blue ‘>’ sign.

A link to your transaction will open in the corresponding block explorer.