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New Savl 2.11.0. Even more secure!

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Hey-hey! We proudly present Savl 2.11.0!

What's new? We're glad you asked 😊

*️ We realized that 12 words are not enough. From now you can import a Seed phrase consisting not only of 12, but also of 15, 18, 21 or 24 words!

*️ We reworked the screen for automatic cryptocurrencies purchase. Now you can choose from several providers

*️ We carefully studied our users' experience and made a few corrections for Send / Buy / Receive action buttons on the main screen. Everything is simple and 
clear now!

*️ We added more tutorial stories, in case you like this format 😄

*️ And, as usual, a few fixes and improvements

Thank you for staying with us!

Psst, update your Savl...

IMPORTANT: Always ensure you’ve saved your recovery phrase (seed phrase) before updating! Access your recovery phrase from the settings wheel inside your user profile and tap “Show recovery phrase”.

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