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Savl 3.1. SPL And TRC20 Token Integration

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You asked, and we’ve delivered! We’re super-excited to announce that Savl 3.1 comes with long-awaited SPL and TRC20 token integration.


TRC20 tokens added: USD Coin, Tether, TrueUSD, Wrapped TRON, BitTorrent, JUST, WINkLink, USDJ, and USDD


SPL tokens added: USD Coin, Tether, Wrapped Solana, Chainlink, The Graph, STEPN, Serum, Audius, Raydium, Coin98, Hxro, Aleph.im, Mango, Basic Attention Token, Kin, Bonfida, Solanium, and 1Sol


How can I add new currencies? We’re glad you asked - it’s simple:

  •  Tap on ‘+ Add’ next to ‘My wallets’
  •  Enter currency name or ticker, e.g., TRX or SOL
  •  Tap the switch to add it (it should turn green)


In addition, we’ve made tons of small improvements and bug fixes so you can have an even more seamless Savl experience.


IMPORTANT: Always ensure you’ve saved your recovery phrase (seed phrase) before updating! Access your recovery phrase from the settings wheel inside your user profile and tap “Show recovery phrase”.

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