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Unleash The Power Of Savl's New Community Feature With Version 5

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We are excited to announce that we have added a powerful and collaborative new feature called Community to the latest release of Savl (v5).

Community aims to unite crypto users within a vibrant, collaborative and interactive setting to help fellow enthusiasts like yourself learn from each other, connect to top brands and products and to ultimately, do more together.

Community is more than a feature; it's an innovation, reshaping the way we perceive and interact with the blockchain world. Think social media, but for crypto enthusiasts. Yes, you heard it right! Savl's Community is the first-ever social media platform within a self-custodial crypto wallet app.Here’s some of the things you’ll be able to do with Community:

  • Create a personalized profile and grow your following
  • Have your say with like-minded crypto aficionados
  • Post updates, share content & get creative
  • Discuss important issues and topics of the day
  • Get the latest news, updates & insights
  • Join forces & benefit from new opportunities
  • Have a direct dialogue with the brands you love

We want Community to boost engagement and knowledge sharing, to create a more informed, collaborative, and ultimately powerful crypto ecosystem. Community is designed to enable users to gauge market sentiment, detect developing trends, and gain valuable perspectives from experienced community members.

With the release of version 5 we've also given our interface a sleek new design for enhanced wallet visibility and an improved user experience. The captivating colors will surely add a fun touch to your crypto journey!So why wait? Join this groundbreaking innovation by updating to version 5 and creating your profile. Select the Community tab and head to your profile by tapping the profile image in the top-left corner.

Join us in making Savl's Community a welcoming, vibrant, and supportive hub that truly embodies the spirit of crypto and Web3. After all, the future of crypto is social, and the future is here with Savl!

IMPORTANT: Always ensure you’ve saved your recovery phrase (seed phrase) before updating! Access your recovery phrase from the settings wheel inside your user profile and tap “Show recovery phrase”.

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