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Savl’s Fee Structure

Savl has several fee-charged types of operations:

  1. Successfully completed Trade on Savl Market
    • Your Ad Trade (another Savl user makes a purchase, sale or exchange on the Ad you posted) - 0.5% of the Trade amount.
    • Trade on someone else's Ad (you buy, sell or exchange on the Ad posted by another Savl user) - 0.5% of the Trade amount.
  2. Sending. Transaction fee is calculated dynamically and is always up-to-date. Final fee is based on a number of parameters, such as: 
    • Current network load 
    • Your transaction size 
    • Average network fee in the last blocks 
    • Blockchain nodes recommendation

Important: Savl charges only the network fee of corresponding blockchain for any transaction you send. Savl fee for such operation is 0%.
Important: Any transaction within Market wallet to another Savl user is completely free and instant.