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Ad Repost. What is it?

Repost is a special type of the Savl referral program. Any Savl user can share a link to an Ad for purchasing or selling cryptocurrency and receive a reward for each successful Trade, and the buyer won't pay any Savl fee when trading with this link. 

You don't have to be a Savl user to read the terms of the reposted trade. 

When using a referral link, you will be directed to a special web page containing all the key details, such as the currency pair, exchange rate, information about the seller and your profit.

In order to make a repost, you need to go to Savl Market and find an ad with the 'Repost %' button. This label means the seller who posted this ad is willing to share the commission from the Trade with you to make more trades. 

By clicking on the 'Repost %' button, you can get acquainted with the details of the repost procedure and all the conditions, then you can get your unique link-code and send it to your friends, acquaintances or just people who may be interested in purchasing or selling cryptocurrency. 

You receive a reward for each successful trade by such a link-code.

The buyer who trades by using such link won't pay any Savl fee for this particular Trade, and the one who shares this link will receive 0.25% of the trade amount when it is completed.

If you share link-code to your own Ad with another Savl user, you will save the portion that this Savl user would have received if they had used the 'Repost' function when this Trade is completed successfully.

Important: to be able to share your Ads, you need to activate the 'Enable reposts' option when creating an Ad.