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How Do I Use KYT (Know Your Transaction)?

Getting started: 

  • The main KYT section can be accessed via the main application tab under “Services”. 
  • From there, tap on “Know your transaction” to go to the main KYT Dashboard. 
  • From here, you will see available checks, checks already run, and the green “Buy KYT checks” button. 
  • If you haven’t used the service, you will need to buy some checks. 

When can I run KYT checks? 

  • When you Send or Receive and input the transaction address, the option to run a KYT check will appear.
  • If you go into your transaction history, you will have the option to run KYT checks (after the fact).

Once you have run the check, you will be presented with a Low, Medium, or High-risk assessment and the option to download a PDF report. We recommend only transacting with Low-risk addresses to avoid complications.


Disclaimer: KYT Checks do not constitute legal advice and should only be part of your risk minimization assessment/decision-making toolkit. Savl does not offer legal or financial advice. You are responsible for your own decisions and actions. KYT provides only a risk minimization assessment based on available blockchain and publicly available ledger information at the time of your check. Results may vary depending on KYT methodology and provider. Always be responsible.