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Goods & Services: Tell Me More

One of the most recurring criticisms of crypto is that you can’t do stuff with it IRL (in real life). This is a total myth - with Savl you can select from over 4,000 goods and services. Here’s how to buy “stuff” with your crypto:

  1. From the main tab, select “Services” and then “Goods and services”.
  2. Choose your country from the top of the screen (100+ options).
  3. Your country-specific services will now be shown.

From here you can:

  • Refil/top-up your mobile.
  • Purchase computer games e.g. Playstation, Xbox etc.
  • Buy products from a massive list of online retailers.
  • Eat out at a restaurant by converting crypto to a voucher.
  • Subscribe to Netflix, buy tickets and so much more.
  • Get someone a unique gift.
  • Pay for goods at everyday retail stores.

Note: Savl partners with Bitrefill to provide these services. You will be asked to provide an email address for transaction receipt purposes.