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Sub-Accounts: What Are Sub-Accounts & Why Do I Need Them?

Sub-accounts allow you to have up to 3 separate wallets. In other words, your original master Savl Wallet plus 2 more additional wallets or sub-accounts. In the future you will be able to add even more.

To be more technical, with sub-accounts you can create additional consolidated multi-blockchain wallets that are derived from your master seed.

In simple terms, let’s say your current main wallet holds Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, Solana, Arbitrum and Algorand for example, you can create additional wallets that hold these same blockchains but you can also add new ones to each individual wallet or sub-account.

Sub-accounts allow you to experience effortless crypto management and the ability to categorize your spending and investments for enhanced wallet management, security and control.


Why would you want to add a sub-account(s)?

You might want to have, for example, a savings account, a personal account and a business account or a trading, savings and rainy day sub-account. You can also have an account for different trading strategies e.g. HODL, DCA (dollar cost averaging) or daily trading. The choice is yours.

NOTE: Whatever existing active crypto wallets you have, will NOT be replicated in your new sub-account when you generate a new sub-account, only predefined wallets will. However, each blockchain in your newly created sub-account will have a new address, a zero balance and a separate private key and derivation path from the same blockchain in your original account.