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Sub-Accounts: Will I Still See Consolidated Sub-Account Balances?

Prior to launching sub-accounts, when you opened your Savl Wallet, you would have seen a ‘total balance’ showing the consolidated balances of all your crypto assets/wallets which might be made up of your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, XRP and Arbitrum balances combined, for example.

Now, you will see the main balance of your active wallet only. Once you have created new sub-account, you can select which sub-account is your active homescreen account by going to:

Services > Sub-Accounts and from there simply select the radio button next to the account you want as your active account. Once tapped, your active account will switch over and you can go to the Wallets section (homescreen) and see your new active account and balance reflected at the top of the screen along with the name of your active sub-account.

When you return to Services > Sub-Accounts, you will now notice that the wallet you just selected has a green circle with a tick next to it. This means it is now your active account.