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Sub-Accounts: Can I Transfer Between Sub-Accounts & What Are The Fees?

Great question. This is one of the key benefits of sub-accounts — the ability to transfer from say your main/active sub-account to your savings sub-account.

Let’s say you want to send Bitcoin between Sub-Account 1 & Sub-Account 2, you simply select ‘SEND’ from the ‘Wallets’ screen or from within your Bitcoin wallet.

From the Send screen, you will see three tabs: Address, Sub-Accounts and Contacts. Select Sub-Accounts, then select the Sub-Account you want to send to.

Next, select the amount of Bitcoin (BTC) you wish to send. You can use the toggle button to switch between fiat amount or BTC amount, select your preferred transaction fee (gas fee) speed and tap the green button at the bottom of the screen to complete your transaction.


Are there any fees involved when I transfer between sub-accounts?

Savl will not charge you any fees for transferring between sub-accounts. However, you will pay miners fees/gas fees depending on the transaction speed you select. Everyone has to pay these network fees and Savl has no control over this.