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Sub-Accounts: What Are Sub-Account Settings ⚙️ For?

You can access sub-account settings by tapping on the ⚙️ icon next to each sub-account.

Here are your options for each sub-account:

Name: You can change each sub-account name to anything you like or use our prefil options.

Creation date: this is the date you created your sub-account

Default Sub-Accounts: Not to be confused with active account selection. This toggle switch is only relevant if you use Savl Contacts to transact with other Savl users. When toggled to green, this ensures that this sub-account will be your default account for all inbound crypto from other Savl users who have added their phone number to Savl.

Advanced options: see this FAQ post.

Archive: This feature only works with sub-accounts that are not selected as the main active account and where the Default Sub-Account toggle has not been selected.