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How To Check Transaction Progress

Navigating transaction updates on the Savl app is designed to be effortless and user-friendly. If you wish to keep track of your transactions, simply follow these steps:

  1. Start by launching the Savl app and from the home screen, select the specific cryptocurrency involved in your transaction, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  2. Upon selecting the cryptocurrency, you'll find a green "Transaction history" button. Tap on it to access your transaction records.
  3. The most recent transactions will appear at the top of this list. Here, you'll notice a status text indicating the current state of each transaction. The status might show as 'Sent', 'Received', or 'Pending', providing a real-time update on each transaction.
  4. For additional details about a specific transaction or to view relevant blockchain information, simply tap on the particular transaction from the list.

Note: If you are tracking a swap transaction, the process is slightly different. From the home screen, tap on the 'Swap' icon. You will then notice a small trolley icon located in the top left corner. By tapping on this icon, you can access and monitor the progress of your swap transactions.

This streamlined and transparent process allows you to stay updated on your cryptocurrency transactions, helping you manage your digital assets with confidence and ease.