HOMEFAQHow Do I Add/Remove Currencies To/From My Wallet?

How Do I Add/Remove Currencies To/From My Wallet?

Simple. From the home screen (the Wallets tab), you have two options for adding new cryptocurrencies and tokens: 

  1. Tap the little switch icon to the right of “My wallets”.
    1. Search for the currency in the search bar or; scroll through the list of popular options.
    2. In either case, toggle the switch to green to add the new currency.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the home/Wallets screen and tap “+ Add currency”.

To remove a currency, simply toggle the switch to the right of that currency to the off position i.e., not green.

Note: When you add a new currency or token, Savl is actually creating a new wallet to store your new currency.