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How can I create a buy or sell Ad?

  1. Go to the Market tab or tap on the Buy button on the main screen.
  2. Tap on the suitcase icon to enter the Dashboard
  3. Tap on the + button in the upper right corner.
  4. In the Create ad menu, choose a currency or cryptocurrency you would like to buy or sell.
  5. Enter the amount of the selected currency or cryptocurrency.
  6. Quick Ad. This switch can be disabled only when selling cryptocurrency for fiat currency (USD, EUR, etc.), this will allow you to transfer cryptocurrency to the Escrow account only when you accept the Trade request. You will be given 2 hours to escrow.
  7. Select an Ad category.
    Ads in Savl can be categorized as either Dynamic or Fixed.
    Dynamic price Ad automatically increases or decreases along with the rate of the selected cryptocurrency. Thus your sale and purchase will always be made according to the current market rate.
    When choosing a Dynamic price Ad, you can also set Margin, percentage that will be added to the market rate of the cryptocurrency being bought or sold.
    Fixed price Ad  is set by you manually and does not depend on the rate of the selected crypto or fiat currency (e.g. USD, EUR, etc.).  
    Tap Continue once you have selected all the necessary options.
  8. Set Trade limits. You can limit minimum and maximum trade amounts for your Ads.
  9. You can also set your own time limits for each trade (90 minutes is set by default) and adjust your ad working time, i.e. time during which you conduct trades. 12:00 A.M.–11:59 P.M., or 24 hours per day is set by default).
  10. Choose to trade with any Savl user by sliding the toggle button. Verified users only is set by default
    Tap Continue after filling in all the mandatory fields.
  11. Select a country. This is important because available payment methods vary by country. In addition, it will be easier for potential buyers to find your Ad.
  12. Choose a Payment Method. Savl allows to pick seven different payment methods.
  13. Specify the conditions and the instructions for your Ad. This is important because potential buyers will not be aware of your trade conditions without these instructions.
    Tap Continue button once you are finished.
  14. You can review your Ad conditions on the confirmation screen. If you would like to change something, you can go back and make the necessary adjustments at any time.
    Tap Confirm once all the conditions have been filled in correctly. 
    Your ad will appear on list momentarily.