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Ads and Quick Ads - what’s the difference?

There are two types of Ads in Savl Market:

  1. Quick Ad is an Ad type which requires cryptocurrency on your Market wallet to place. When the Trade starts, you can instantly place your cryptocurrency to the secure Escrow account and complete the Trade.
    Quick Ad is active by default and available for any cryptocurrency supported by Savl app.
  2. Ad is a unique Ad type. You don't need to have cryptocurrency on your Market wallet to place such Ad. Cryptocurrency will only need to be transferred to escrow only when Trade actually starts. You can transfer cryptocurrency from any external wallet, exchange or service. This type of Ad gives more freedom to users who want their cryptocurrency to be constantly ‘available.

How to do it: To place such Ad, you need to deactivate "Quick Ad" by pressing on the corresponding switch. It can only be deactivated when selling cryptocurrency for fiat currency (e.g. USD, EUR, etc.). When the Trade starts, you'll be given 2 hours to escrow cryptocurrency.

If buyer has cancelled the Trade, but your cryptocurrency has not yet been escrowed, it will be automatically credited to your Market wallet.